30" W x 36" H

Fire Bird
 48" W x 60" H

Ponies in the Mist
48 W" x 48" H

Parents with Child
24" W x 36" H

Downhill Racer
24" W x 36" H

Musical Chair
 24" W x 36" H

Blowing in the Wind
 18" W x 24" H

Pastel Party
 16" W x 24" H

Raining Sunshine
 24" W x 30" H




Texas Politics

 Leading the Parade

Lift Off




Lake of Fire

Fire and Water

Inferno Over the Bay


 The Party's Over

 Arizona Abode




 Puddles of my Mind

 Winter Firestorm

Koh Tao Reef


Apparitions in the Mist

Mountain Morning

Burlesque Queen


 Space Shuttle

San Miguel Night - 1

San Miguel Night - 2







Night at the Museum

Southwest Dreams

View from the Night Train



Under the Boardwalk

On the Band Bus

Road to Hana






New Beginnings

 Ice Cave

Los Ondas en el Agua


Beyond the Reef

Rain in the  Atchafalaya Basin



Autostrade Caffe


Morning in the City



Broken Promises

Flight into Paradise

New Orleans Jazz
(See on  book cover)


Last Shuttle Launch

Red Sky in the Morning


 Automatons at Play

  Hobby Horse



Prehistoric GeoCreatures



 Crevasses (Collage)

 Organized Chaos (Collage)

World Events (Collage)


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